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These kits can be used in conjunction with our Aluminum or Silicone Back Purging Plugs adding even more ease to the back purging process. Our hose kits provide a quick hook up and disconnect of you back purging line. Simply install the supplied 1/8" NPT fitting to your purge plug or purge block, and you are ready to start back purging with ease. Each of the female couplers pre-assembled on the line have a built in shut off, meaning once they are disconnected it shuts you gas off.  We now offer these kits in two different versions ( A & B ), please select the kit that works best with your needs. The main product picture shows the difference between A & B. We also now offer On/Off valve kits that can be used in conjunction with our Quick Disconnect kits (description below). 


- Quick Disconnect Kit A

This kit comes with two female quick disconnect fittings pre-installed on the nylon line. This kit is most useful when used with our on/off valve kits, but can be used without the on/off valve kit. If you are connecting one end to the regulator/flowmeter, you will have to adapt a connection for a male 1/8" NPT fitting to mate to the regulator/flowmeter. This can easily be done in quite a few different ways. 

When used in conjunction with our on/off valve kits (decribed below), you would mount the on/off valve close to where your welding. Then hook your back purging line directly to the on/off valve, and the other end to the your purge plug/purge block.


- Quick Disconnect Kit B

This kit comes with one female quick disconnect fitting, and one argon nut/nipple pre-installed on the nylon line. This kit is meant to hook up directly to your regulator/flowmeter. One end hooks up to the regulator/flow meter, and the other end has a female quick disconnect that connects to the supplied 1/8" NPT fittings which get installed directly to your purge plug/purge block.


- On/Off Valve Kits ( Click Link Below To Purchase)

SMFAB Back Purging On/Off Valve Kits | strictly-modified (

This kit is something we used here at the shop and wanted to make it available to our customers as well. These kits make life a lot easier allowing you to easily shut of the argon gas with in arms reach.


This kit includes all line, fittings, and brackets to mount the on/off valve in the welding area. Simply  run the supplied line/fittings to you regulator/flowmeter, mount the long handle on/off valve close to where you weld, and install our quick disconnect fitting to the on/off valve. You then connect your quick disconnect line to the on/off valve and the other end to your purge plug/purge block. When back purging the gas has to be constantly shut on and off, and getting up and going to the bottle every time can be frustrating. This allows to the reach over and shut off the gas within arms reach, also allowing you to use the full 10ft length of our quick disconnect kits. 


These kits can also be used with your own hose set up using the supplied 3/16" barb fittings. We have two of these in our welding room and what a difference it makes.



Kit A Includes-

-(2) male - 1/8" NPT quick disconnect fittings 

-(2) Female Quick disconnect fittings w/ shut off (pre-installed on line)

-(1) 10ft flexible, lightweight nylon braided line (3/16")


Kit B Includes-

-(2) male - 1/8" NPT quick disconnect fittings 

-(1) Female Quick disconnect fitting w/ shut off (pre-installed on line)

-(1) Male Argon nut & nipple fitting (pre-installed on line) 

-(1) 10ft flexible, lightweight nylon braided line (3/16")


If you would like to purchase addtional male quick disconnect fittings to please select from the drop down menu. The additional fittings will be sold in sets of (2).


On/Off Valve Back Purging Kit Includes- (Click Link Below For Options & Purchase)

-(1) Long Handle On/Off Valve 1/8"NPT

-(1) 3/16" 5ft or 10ft Line

-(2) Clamps

-(2) Mounting Brackets (For On/Off Valve)

-(1) 90 degree 1/8" NPT Fitting (To Mount to On/Off Valve If Needed) 

-(2) 3/16" Barb Fittings

-(1) Optional Argon Nut/Nipple (To Connect Directly To Regulator/Flowmeter)


Product Link - SMFAB Back Purging On/Off Valve Kits | strictly-modified (



SMFAB Quick Disconnect Back Purging Hose Kit

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