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Our On/Off Valve Kits were designed to make the back purging process even easier. This kit is something we use here at the shop and wanted to make it available to our customers as well. These kits can be used in conjunction with our quick disconnect back purging line kits, or for a custom use using your own back purging line. They make life a lot easier allowing you to easily shut of the argon gas with in arms reach.


These kits includes all lines, fittings, clamps and brackets to mount the on/off valve in your welding area. Simply run the supplied line/fittings to you regulator/flowmeter, mount the long handle on/off valve close to where you weld, and install our quick disconnect fitting to the on/off valve. You then connect your quick disconnect line to the on/off valve and connect the other end to your purge plug/purge block. 


When back purging the gas has to be constantly turned on and shut off. Getting up and going to the bottle every time can be frustrating and waste time. This allows to the reach over and shut off the gas within arms reach, also allowing you to use the full 10ft length of our quick disconnect kits. 


We are offering these in two different kits ( A & B) described below. Also can be seen in our main web site picture. Please select Kit A or B upon check out in the drop down menu.


-On/Off Back Purging Kit A
This kit offers everything but the argon nut/nipple to adapt to your regulator/flowmeter. Most regulator/flowmeters come with a 3/16" or 5mm nipple, so you would just connect our hose/clamp directly to your existing fitting. These are available in 5 or 10 ft lengths.


-On/Off Back Purging Kit B

This kit comes with everything in kit A, and also with a argon nut/nipple to adapt to your regulator/flowmeter. The regulator/flowmeter fitting will come pre-assembled on one end of your line with this option. These are available in 5 or 10 ft lengths.


On/Off Valve Back Purging Kit Includes- 

-(1) Long Handle On/Off Valve 1/8"NPT

-(1) 3/16" 5ft or 10ft Line (Choose in drop down menu)

-(2) Clamps

-(2) Mounting Brackets (For On/Off Valve)

-(1) 90 degree 1/8" NPT Fitting (To Mount to On/Off Valve If Needed) 

-(2) 3/16" Barb Fittings (will only use one barb fitting when used with our quick disconnect line)

-(1) Optional Argon Nut/Nipple ( Option B ) 


Since these can be mounted in many different places most convenient to you, we do not supply mounting hardware for the on/off valve brackets. 


SMFAB Back Purging On/Off Valve Kits

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