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Our newest product the Raliiart 02 Eliminator Downpipe. These will come with 2 different options, Open Dump, and Recirculated. The Ralliart Open Dump and Recirculated Downpipe are both available for purchase.


Open Dump-

With this downpipe you can expect to make some noise while in boost. The wastegate side of the turbine housing has its own separate tube that dumps straight to the ground. We used the straightest and least restrictive method for this downpipe. On the wastegate side you have a smooth transition from the turbine housing to the wastegate side utilizing a reducing tube transition to one 45 degree bend, then straight to the ground. We also incorporate a small brace from the downpipe to dump tube to reduce stress on the dump tube due to its long length.

On the exhaust side, it is full 3" from turbo flange to the bottom. We also incorporated a flex section to reduce stress on the downpipe. At the bottom of the there will be one 02 bung for the factory 02 sensor. We will also have an additional option for an extra bung if needed. Also, these downpipes do fit under the factory heat shield.


Recirculated Downpipe- 

For those who do not want the extra noise this is the downpipe for you. With all the same same features as the open dump downpipe, only difference being it is recirculated. 


Each downpipe is fabricated in house with the highest quality 304 stainless steel materials. Alll downpipes are tig welded and back purged with every attention to detail. Both flanges have been resurfaced after welding to eliminate exhaust leaks or poor fitment. 

Along with these downpipes we had custom gaskets made as they are needed for this downpipe due to being divided. The factory gasket is not divided.

We include all hardware for the turbo and exhaust side along with a 2-bolt 3" gasket to make installation even easier.


If you need an extra 02 bung, select in the drop down menu. It is an additional $35.00. All downpipes come standard with an 02 bung for the factory 02 sensor. 


Due to the anticipated high demand for these downpipes please allow 1-3 weeks before your downpipe is shipped.


---All downpipes are made upon order. Once order is placed there are no cancelations or refunds.---


***We recommend using a high quality copper spray on all gaskets*** (not required, just recommended to achieve the best seal)


Whats included-

- (1) Ralliart Downpipe (Open or Recirc)

- (1) Custom divided steel 02 Housing Gasket 

- (1) 2 Bolt 3" Exhaust Gasket

- (2) M10 Bolts

- (2) M10 Nuts

- (2) M10 Washers

- Also now included (Last Picture) is a full hardware kit for the turbo side 







Strictly Modified Ralliart 02 Eliminator Downpipe Open Dump & Recirculated

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