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Whether your running an OEM Turbo, FP Black,Red, Green, or any other stock frame turbo, this manifold is for you. This is a direct bolt on manifold, no modification necessary. 


Here are the different options available, please select from the drop down menu.

-Manifold with steel head flange and Raw Finish - $1035.00
-Manifold with steel head flange and Polished Finish - $1115.00
-Manifold with stainless steel head flange and Raw Finish - $1195.00
-Manifold with stainless steel head flange and Polished Finish - $1175.00


We offer these different options because we understand that some of you are just looking for a direct replacement manifold that wont crack. So there is the option for Steel flanges where that saves some money over stainless steel. While some of you may want full stainless steel, so we left the option up to you. Keep in mind they will all perform exactly the same regardless.


Each manifold is completely hand made and TIG welded in house with every last attention to detail. We take a tremendous amount of pride in everything we weld/fabricate here at Strictly Modified. Trust you are getting a manifold made to last. We stand behind our work 100% which is why we offer a Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser.


Sure there are cheaper manifolds available but the saying "you get what you pay for" is very much true when it comes to manifolds. This is no over seas thin wall manifold, we use thick Sch 10 pipe and run multiple passes at he head flange for added strength.


We suggest purchasing a cam sensor shield along with your manifold.  We also suggest having a aluminum valve cover instead of the stock plastic valve cover. This will give an extra piece of mind given the runners sit higher and closer to the valve cover then the factory manifold. These are not required but recommended.


Each Manifold Includes-

-1.25" Sch 10 304 Stainless Steel Runners

-Stainless Steel or Steel Head Flange

-304 Stainless Steel Cast Collector

-Fully Tig Welded and Back Purged

-Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser

-Install Kit (2) Studs, (2) 12pt Nuts, (2) Bolts, (4) Washers (for turbo-manifold mounting)


----Install Tip-----

Remove both factory turbo studs. Install the (2) supplied studs to the turbo mounting holes closest to the motor (Opposite (2) holes from the factory studs), and use the 12pt nuts on these studs. Use the supplied allen bolt to top turbo hole closest to the J-pipe.

Factory studs can be used but given the extra length they have, installation will be more difficult.


Approximate wait time as of 10/18/22 for a manifold is 4-8 weeks. If you choose to coat your manifold add an additional 1-2 weeks. 


-Fitment - Mitsubishi Evo X 


-Keep in mind before purchasing, all orders are non refundable.



Strictly Modified Evo X Stock Replacement Manifold

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