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Looking to run E85 and make anywhere from 500whp to 900whp+ then this is the fuel pump set up for you. These dual pump set ups have been tested and proven through these hp ranges, simple yet very effective in achieving your fuel system demands.  The price is for the dual pump hanger only, Install kit purchased separately. We used to include the install kit as well but were asked quite frequently to separate so now we offer it separately. If not purchasing the install kit we highly suggest making sure the primary pump and secondary pump both wired to a relay where the pumps with be receiving direct battery voltage.

SM Dual Pump Hanger includes-

-Modified stock fuel pump hanger w/ two walbro 255lph’s

-Two 3/8 outlet ports at top of hanger

-One wire through bulk head fitting w/ power and ground for secondary pump

-Two brand new fuel filters

Strictly Modified Dual Pumper


    Price is 395.00 if you supply us with a usable fuel pump hanger as a core. If a stock unmodified fuel pump hanger is not supplied its an additional 125.00 and select no core


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