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-1"-1.5" and 1.5"-2"Purge Plugs now come standard with internal diffuser.


Simply tap them into the pipe/tube, they lock in place and you are ready to start back purging. To aid removal we had raised flats machined on the top of the plug. To remove you can just tap the flats or use a wrench and twist them out. Installing and removing doesnt get an easier then that.


Our Back Purging Plugs can be used for manifold fabrication, collectors, dump tubes, custom exhausts, headers, intercooler pipes, sanitary welding, and so much more. Time to keep the aluminum foil in your kitchen where it belongs. Start saving yourself set up time, money in wasted argon gas, and maximize profitability.


----Benefits of our Purge Plugs----

-Quick and easy install and removal, saving you time and money.


-The wrench flats at the top of the plug are the single most important and beneficial part of our purge plugs. Unlike other purge plugs we have incorporated tall wrench flats at the top of the plug. These flats allow the plug to be removed with ease. For removal, you can either tap the side of the flats, or use a wrench to twist them out. Without the flats, plugs can be near impossible to remove. You will end up hammering to top edge of the plug to remove and cause damage to the plug. This will drastically decrease the life of the plug, and waste time. Isn't the whole purpose of purchasing purge plugs to make life easier? Metals like stainless steel shrink when welded, which can really clamp down on a purge plug making it difficult or impossible to remove. Not with our purge plugs, the flats eliminate this issue, giving you more time to focus on your next weld instead of how you are going to remove a purge plug.


-The flats not only allow you to easily remove the plug, they also allow you to hold the material in a vise, positioner, or any type of clamping fixture. This allows you to easily position the work piece as needed.


-Our plugs will Not melt. Weld as close to the plug as needed, and never have to worry about the plug melting.


-Act as a heat Sink, pulling heat away from what you are welding. 


-Keeping the pipe or tube nice and round. When welding close to the edge of a pipe or tube, you can end up deforming or ovaling the end. Since our purge plugs are aluminum, it keeps the end of the tube/pipe nice and round. You will appreciate this when you are welding the next section and there are not gaps due to the deforming of the pipe or tube. We have even used these to make tube round, when they are not round right out of the package. 


-Internal diffusers, now standard on all of our back purging products (only optional with our .5"-1" purge plugs). 


-Smoke testing for automotive or welding use. These can be used to smoke test intake/exhaust systems to find leaks. These can also be used for smoke testing and checking welds for pin holes, cracks, ect...


-Our purge plugs will outlast any other plugs on the market. Even as the plugs wear over time (which last a very long time) they can be reconditioned. Since they are made of aluminum, this gives you the ability to recondition the plug/cap for even further use.


-Made for welders, by welders. We are not only a seller of these back purging products, we use them daily as well.  Meaning whenever we see a way of improving our products through our own use, that is exactly what we do. We have updated and improved just about every size since we first offered these products years ago. We have added internal tapers, internal diffusers, addtional thickness to our v-band purge caps/heat sinks, as well as other small improvements.  All of these improvements are to bring you the best possible product. That is the difference from a company that just manufactures a product, to a company who uses their own products daily. Trust you are getting the highest quality, and most extensively tested back purging products on the market.

-1" -2" tube

-1" NPS Sch 5 / 10 / 40

-1.25" NPS Sch 5 / 10 / 40

-1.5" NPS Sch 5 / 10 / 40

Kit Includes-

- (2) Tapered Purge Plugs 1" - 1.5"

- (2) Tapered Purge Plugs 1.5"- 2"

- (1) 1/8 NPT Barb Fitting

- (1) 1/8 NPT Vent Fitting

- (2) 1/8" NPT Diffuser Fittings (Pre-installed on 1.5"-2" Plug)

- (2) 1/8 NPT Plugs


SMFAB Back Purging Plugs 1-1.5" & 1.5"-2" NPS & Tube (set of 4) Combo Kit

SKU: combo1
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