Simply tap them into the pipe/tube, they lock in place and you are ready to start back purging.

To aid removal we had raised flats machined on the top of the plug. To remove you can just tap the flats or use a wrench and twist them out. Installing and removing doesnt get an easier then that.


These plugs can be used for manifold fabrication, collectors, dump tubes, and they can even fit inside wastegate flanges where back purging is needed. Also smaller exhaust systems, or any other tube/pipe you are fabricating thats with in the 1"-2" range. Can also be used for sanitary welding, the uses are endless. Time to keep the aluminum foil in your kitchen where it belongs and start saving yourself set up time, and money in wasted argon gas and maximize profitability. Just simply tap them in and you are ready to go. Removal is just as easy.


-1" -2" tube

-1" NPS Sch 5 / 10 / 40

-1.25" NPS Sch 5 / 10 / 40

-1.5" NPS Sch 5 / 10 / 40

Kit Includes-

- (2) Tapered Purge Plugs 1" - 1.5"

- (2) Tapered Purge Plugs 1.5"- 2"

- (1) 1/8 NPT Barb Fitting

- (1) 1/8 NPT Vent Fitting

- (2) 1/8 NPT Plug


SMFAB Back Purging Plugs 1-1.5" & 1.5"-2" NPS & Tube (set of 4) Combo Kit

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