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We offer this porting service to those who purchase our Ralliart Stock Replacement Manifold. With our manifold we remove the factory sealing ring that sits between the manifold and hotside. This leaves a big lip (first picture) on the inside of the turbine housing (hot side) where exhaust will not flow smoothly into the turbine housing. This creates turbulence where flow should be smooth.

Will our manifolds work without this porting? Absolutely yes. However if you are tryinmg to get every bit out of your Ralliart this is the way to go. We not only remove the big lip in the inlet of the housing, but we also transition and smooth out the rest of the turbine housing inlet. The wastegate passage is smoothed and transitioned as well. 

After the turbine housing has been ported we will clean and media blast the housing as well. You will recieve back a fully ported and cleaned turbine housing that is ready to install.


You would need to send us your turbine housing (hot side) for this service. We do not need the entire turbo, only the turbine housing. If your not comfortable separating the turbine housing you can send the entire turbo in for us to do it. If sending in a full turbo this will add $15.00 to the price of the porting and $8.00 addtional on return shipping due to the larger box and weight difference.


If you would like you turbine housing ceramic coated as well, we can also get this done for you. Coating the turbine housing will help a lot with keeping under hood temps down. For turbine housing we use black ceramic 2000deg coating. If you choose to have your turbine housing coating this will add 1-2weeks before it ships from our facility.


***Turn around time on turbine housing porting is 2-5 days depending on current work load***


Mitsubishi Ralliart Turbine Housing Porting and Ceramic Coating Service

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