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Evo X and Ralliart Ported Intake Manifold. 


Wait times vary based on current work load. Contact us for current lead times.


-Entire Intake Manifold Cleaned and Media blasted, leaving a brand new looking aluminum finish

-All runners gasket matched and fully ported (Standard)

-Throttle body opening is opened up, and ported to a 65mm (Standard)

-Entire plenum ported and transitioned (Optional) +$50.00


Great upgrade for the Ralliart owners, but will have to utilize an Evo X intake manifold.


A core charge of $160.00 will be charged if no core is supplied. Please select the (no core option)

If you have a core you can choose (Yes I have a core) option and can ship your core to us. Ported Intake Manifolds will not be shipped until we recieve a core when you select the (Yes I have a core) option. All cores must have no damage.



Options -

(A) This option you will get a manifold with ported/gasket matched runners. The Throttle body opening will be opened up to a 65mm opening and transitioned into the plenum. (This option does no include the full Plenum porting.

(B) This option gives you everything in option (A), and will also include the full plenum porting. +$50.00


Wait times vary based on current work load. Wait time ranges from 5 days to 8 weeks.






Evo X / Ralliart Ported Stock Intake Manifold

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