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TEIN has developed advanced technology to design the shell case and stroke to bring out the full potential of your vehicle.These features of the TEIN Super Street Damper kit were designed with greater performance to satisfy all your driving demands. This high performance damper can be used for weekend racing and/or daily driving.The discomfort caused by uneven roads or bumps are eliminated on daily street use. For race use, the ride height adjustable system enables you to adjust ride height and 16 levels of damping force.In other words, you can set your vehicle to meet all situations!

Evo 8/9 Tein Super Street Coilover Kit

  • * 16 levels of damping force adjustment (compression and rebound together)
    * Ride height adjustable
    * New paint coating for rust revention
    * Exclusive design for USA vehicle specifications
    * High Performance and cost effective
    * Pillow ball mounts are optional
    * Available for overhaul

    * Part no.: DSR84-KUSS2
    * Ride Height Drop: 2.1 in (Fr) & 0.9 in (RR)
    * Spring Rate: 391 lbs/in (Fr) & 335 lbs/in (RR)
    * Ride Height Adjustment Range: -1.7 to -2.6 in (Fr) & -0.4 to -1.7 in (RR)
    * EDFC: EDK01-10120 (direct fit)
    * Upper mount: OEM

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