Need something more than what the Hawk Blue has to offer? The HT series is designed to withstand high acceleration rates that are present in road and track racing. 

The Hawk HT-10 are superior road racing pads. With their good torque rating they are a great introductory racing pad. The dust is also less corrosive than most racing pads. 

The HT-14 is big brother to Hawk's extremely successful HT-10 compound. It has very high average torque output, slightly rising over its temperature range, and an aggressive initial bite. Even with its high torque output, the HT-14 retains good modulation and release characteristics and moderate rotor wear.  This is a serious pad offering serious braking capability.

Evo 8/9 Hawk HT Series Racing Front Brake Pads

  • These pads are for RACING ONLY. These pads are unsafe for the street and thus should not be used on public roads.

    • Operating Temperatures:
    • HTC-10: 300°F - 1300°F
    • HTC-14: 300°F - 1400°F