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The ETS Mitsubishi Evolution Intercooler is the best on the market, bar none. Built to fit behind the Cusco Power Brace. The kit includes the intercooler, mounting hardware, silicone couplers, and SS T-Bolt Clamps. Pressure checked to 35psi

ETS Evo 8/9 Cusco Power Brace Intercooler

  • Features:
    • Custom built intercooler that fits behind the Cusco Power Brace.
    • Only Available in 3" & 3.5"
    20"x11.5"x3.0" Bar & Plate Core, 1092cfm-819hp (Direct Replacement)  
    20"x11.5"x3.5" Bar & Plate Core, 1173cfm-879hp (Direct Replacement) 
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