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Each Trailing Shield is made upon order. Wait time will be approximately 1-2 weeks from when the order was placed to when they ship from our location.


Each Trailing Shield will come with a SMFAB Line/Fitting install kit. Included in the kit will be an adapter fitting (pre-installed) to trailing shield with 10FT of Polyethylene line. Also included will be a 1/8" NPT On/Off Valve that can be mounting in the welding area for easy on/off use. This valve will come with universal mounting clamps and a 90 Degree push-to-connect fitting which will go to the trailing shield Polyethylene line. The other end of the On/Off valve will be a female 1/8" NPT opening that will be used to adapt to your argon supply.We also have quick disconnect line/fitting kits available (sold separately).


Titech Trailing Shield® is a state-of-the-art welding enhancement tool designed to interface with the industry’s most common machine or manual gas tungsten arc welding (TIG/GTAW), metal arc welding (MIG/GMAW) and plasma welding (PAW) torches.


Operation:Provides better gas coverage in the heat effected zone (HAZ) and prevents oxidation, weld defects, re-work and allows much faster welding.Trailing Shield® are designed for high quality gas coverage during welding of Titanium and other high alloy metals.


Tecnical data: 
Size - One size

Length - 5,70 inches (145 mm)

Weight - 195 gram

Oxygen levels  - Close to 10 ppm

Gas shut off valve - Yes

Silicon side shield -  Resistant to temperatures up to 200ºC (392ºF)



 * Very Lightweight aluminum design & easy to handle

  • Allows Much Faster Welding
  • Bright & Clean Weld Surface
  • Perfect Gas Shielding
  • Prevents Oxidation/Weld Defects
  • Improves Quality Of The Weld
  • Eliminates Any Re-Work
  • Reduces Gas Usage
  • Made In Norway       


Note- These only come in one size.


Included in each kit:

- (1) 10 Ft Polyethylene line

- (1) 90 deg push-to-connect fitting

- (2) 1/8" Npt barb fitting

- (1) 1/8" Female On/Off Valve (to mount in welding area)

- (2) Mounting Clamps for On/Off Valve




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