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Jay's 763WHP Evo 9

After having this car shipped to us from Arkansas we completely transformed Jay’s Evo 9. After finding out E85 is very hard to come by out where he lives so we decided to do a Pump gas tune and C16 tune.
Final dyno #’s –
93 oct Pump Gas – 641whp 474 tq (30 Psi)
C16 – 763whp 564tq (43 psi)
-Strictly Modified 2.0L 9:1
-Strictly Modified Ported intake manifold and throttle body
-Strictly Modified Upper / Lower I/c pipe / Intake pipe / Race catch can / Vented dip stick tube
-T3 mani with Journal Bearing 6266
-Spark Tech non cdi sequential
-Walbro 450 w/ ID2000’s
-AEM EMS (tuned by Eric at Strictly Modified)
-ETS 4in intercooler
-Exedy Triple disc clutch

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